If you’re in love and want to put your relationship on a more permanent stage, a promise ring is the best alternative to an engagement ring.

Meaning of Promise Ring:

This is the sign of commitment between two people. Sometimes, it may be the first token of a serious relationship and a joint commitment by exchanging promise rings.

A promise ring meaning can be like below things:

Difference between a Promise ring and an Engagement Ring

Sometimes promise ring is given with the commitment that it will be replaced by an engagement ring in future, they aren’t something given during engagement. But sometimes, some couples who know that they will marry by exchanging promise rings move on to an engagement ring and finally purchase wedding bands.

Generally, the center stone of a promise ring is smaller than that of an engagement ring, and even many promise rings have no center stone, is designed with a stylish design.

Finger Choice: The Meaning of the Promise Ring Position

Promise rings are traditionally worn on the third finger of the left hand – the location for the engagement ring and simply replaced by the engagement ring and then the wedding ring at the appropriate times.

If the promise ring is not related to a promise of marriage, it is usually worn on the right hand to prevent any confusion about the meaning. Some even prefer to wear a promise ring related to marriage on the right-hand ring finger to ensure that no-one assumes that they are already engaged.

The history behind the promise ring:

The idea of a promise ring came thousands of years ago, on biblical times. In those days, couples were engaged legally in a ceremony where the couple were promised to each other and would eventually marry.

The groom-apparent would give his bride-to-be a ring to show his commitment to her and this is believed to have been the first use of a promise ring.


Where you can buy a promise ring?

Promise rings are not available on all local jewelry stores; you need to find them online. There are different suppliers who make promise rings but most of them aren’t professional. You can take a look at the collection of promise rings of our website. They are the most unique promise rings of 2019. Take a look on below products from our store:


Promise Rings with Name and Date For Couples:

You can customize this with your or her name and any special date. This Hypoallergenic and allergy-free ring made with stainless steel and Cubic Zirconia stone and available in 5 and 6cm surface width. We are also allowing you to put a sign of your choice from the 72 available signs. You can order from the product page for your desired size.

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Custom Promise Rings for Couples:

This one is almost similar as like the previous one, the difference is there is no stone on it this time. Instead of stone, there is a smooth finishing on it. Besides, you can’t engrave date or signs on this one like the previous one. But if you want a simple one, you can go for it. This ring is also available on size 5 to 12.

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Set-Matching Promise Rings for Him and Her:

This one is a similar version of the previous one, but you aren’t allowed to customize this one. Besides, instead of middle smooth finishing, this one is full of cubic zirconia stones. This is also made of stainless steel but this time its gold plated!

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Promise Rings For Couple, Engraved “Her King” ” His Queen “

This is one of the best couple rings from our collection. Both rings have a half heart shape, with cubic zirconia stones on women’s ring. Men’s ring engraved “Her King” and women’s ring engraved “Her Queen” on the bottom part of the heart-shaped portion. Both half hearts met in one place to make a full heart.

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Promise Rings For Couple, Engraved “Her King” ” His Queen” With Crown:

This is almost similar to the previous one, but there is no heart shape on it. Instead of that, crown engraved on it, one for king and another for the queen. This ring is available on both black and gold color and a large size range.

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