What can be the best gift for a person whom you are in love with? There is nothing more special than a customized one. In the case of women, they generally love jewelry. So if you can give the jewelry that is truly customized for her, then there is nothing more amazing than that! You may have some question about custom name necklaces; we have tried to answer that on this article. Take a look and find your answer below.

Where to buy a name necklace?

Name necklaces aren’t available in stores; you have to buy from online shops. There are many suppliers who provide custom name necklace; among them, you can choose giftsengravedco as we are supplying customized name necklaces for years. We have a huge collection of different styles and fonts to choose from.

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How much does a name necklace cost?

It depends upon the design and material used on a necklace. We have collections on sterling silver, zinc alloy, stainless steel with different color plating. Price of these name necklaces varies from $15-$40. There are other online shops who will charge about $100 for the same quality necklace, but as we don’t profit too much as we have a high demand for these items.


Where to buy gold name necklace?

We don’t sell the gold name necklace due to shipping policy, and we suggest you not to buy gold necklaces from online shops. But we have some gold plated name necklace; you can take a look at them. You can also search in local jewelry shops.

How to make a necklace with your name on it?

If you want to make it by yourself, then you need to go to a local jewelry store, one who will develop jewelry as your design. You need to provide the design to customize it. But in our website, you can make it more easily. We offer different styles and fonts; you can choose your desired style and fonts along with color and metal type.

How to get a necklace with your name on it?

There are a few steps you need to follow. Just find your desired design from our website by searching “name necklace” on the search bar. Click on your desired product and order it by selecting a design, metal color and giving your name or other information on the form. Then check out as usual.

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Santos Hilpert-

“Beautiful necklace, and very fast shipping even during Christmas season.”

Demond Fay-

“wonderful item, exactly as ordered, super fast shipping!”

Carmen Murphy-

“+++++Super Service+++++++ Best Communication ++++++ ++++Highly Recomended+++++”