Love is that wonderful feeling that can bring lots of happiness. And a piece of beautiful jewelry like a matching necklace can make your partner fell in love with you. By wearing matching necklaces, your loved one will always be with you wherever you go. You can engrave some of them with the important dates and words that are memorable to both of you. Matching couple necklace can be an awesome gift for anniversaries!

What Are Matching Necklaces?

Matching necklaces are couples necklaces that can be worn by you and your loved one so that you can be together always. These are very special for a long-distance relationship. We have a wide variety of couple necklaces including interlocking necklaces, nameplate necklaces, heart and key necklaces, so you can easily choose one for both of you. If you are looking for the best gift for your anniversary, we can help you find the best couple matching necklaces. Even you can gift them for Valentine’s Day, birthday, or as a wedding gift.

Top 10 Cute Matching Couple Necklaces of 2019:

We have plenty of matching necklaces which you can enjoy with your boyfriend, girlfriend, friends or even sisters. Among all of them, we have gathered 10 best matching necklaces for couples in this article. Take a look to find the best pair for you.

Arrow Heart Pendant Necklaces:

This is an arrow-heart shaped pendant necklace which can convey the loving messages for your girlfriend or boyfriend. This stainless steel made gorgeous pendant is a set of two different pieces with two adjustable chains. Contrast colours of two parts make this amazing!

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Heart Key Crystal Pendant Necklace:

You can unlock her heart with the key of this amazing pendant necklace. It has 39*31 mm pendant with a stone in the middle of the key. You can get a pair of two different colours also, so you can even choose colours according to your choice as well as her choice.

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Matching Two Halves Heart Necklace:

This is another amazing matching necklace for couples. They are super simple & cute to gift for your loved one. The zinc alloy made set has four amazing stones, you will fall in love with this at first sight.

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Matching Music Note Pendant Necklace:


This one is for music lovers, the set comes with a music note with a cut-out. This is a stylish and simple pendant to gift for any couples, especially for music lovers. This necklace set would make a great gift for your loved one.

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Half Heart Necklace Pendant:

It comes with a great message “you are my person” which divides into two pendants- one necklace for you and another for your love. You can express your love and show how much you love her with this amazing necklace.

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I Love You To The Moon And Back Pendant Necklace:

This pendant necklace is perfect to express your love with some amazing words. It makes the way to keep the most important people in your life near. Order now to get this quickly and show your love with this amazing piece.

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Letters Carving Pendant Necklaces:

This eye-catching necklace engraved with “the love between us will be forever and ever” words. This is a set of two puzzle type necklaces which will give her a feeling of puzzle game with you. Both puzzles fit perfectly as a symbol of love of each person.

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Key To My Heart Necklaces:

By this key-heart necklace, you can make your partner understand that she is the key to your heart. It’s gorgeous and shiny and combined with Zinc alloy made 1.8*1cm key & 2.2*2cm heart, and both come with link chain.

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Matching Black White Cat Pendant Necklaces:

This is the perfect one for pet lovers. If your boyfriend or girlfriend is a pet lover, you can go for this one.  This cat pendant is a symbol of true friendship, love and family affection. You will get an amazing way to show your love to him or her with this necklace.

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Couple Heart Necklace:

These are very cute and simple and can directly say “Love You” on behalf of you. If you are searching for something like that, then you can go for this one. One part printed “love” and another part engraved “you” on this pendant.

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